Warm up with Sports Camp after-school and on days out-of-school.  
When school is out we get our "GAME ON"!
PLAY empowers kids, supports families and builds comminity.
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Purposeful P.L.A.Y

Positive Learning through Athletics for Youth

Parents shouldn't have to choose between leaving work and
making sure their kids are safe, happy and healthy!

Here's what we know:
*There's a gap between the time the school bell rings, at the end of the day, and when most parents get off of work.
*Few parents can take 6 weeks of vacation to be home on the 30+ days out of school this year.
*Kids shouldn't be on their own, bored at daycare or scrambling for where they'll go when school is not in session.
The good news is...P.L.A.Y. can help!
As parents, teachers, coaches and students, we get it! Parenting can be a juggling act!
No one wants to choose between earning a living to provide for their children and making sure their children are safe, happy and healthy. That just won't do!
With year-round athletics, learning and action, P.L.A.Y. helps youth and parents know that combining athletics and academics is a better bet! At P.L.A.Y. kids unplug from technology, put video games down and get their heads and bodies "in the game". They become GAME CHANGERS!
Youth develop leadership and life skills as they explore team sports from basketball and gymnastics to swim, tennis and more.  In an environment created just for them, youth learn that "Yes I Can" is far more powerful then "I can't”. 
Homework help, mentoring, sports and games bring out the inner athlete in every child. On top of that... days out-of-school fieldtrips and games make for a winning combination for parents and children.
Boys and girls ages 5 to 13 are sure to build life-long memories as they discover a year-round camp that is as encouraging as it is challenging; as safe as it is high energy and as instructional as it is fun. 
Join us as we P.L.A.Y.!
  • DATES: 2016 - 2017 School Year
  • DURATION: Choose Every day after-school 230p-730p 
    Days Out-of-School (There are THIRTY this year) 7am - 6pm
  • LOCATION: Washington Park, Milwaukee, WI
  • PRICE: $0* - $175 per week,
    *Families who qualify for the Wisconsin childcare subsidy typically have the full cost of camp covered by this benefit.  
    Check your eligibility today by calling 888.947.6583.
    Our Provider # is 9000588189/001.
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School Year Programming at PLAY is FUNdamental and your little VIP is guaranteed to:

  • Have FUN while learning life skills and keeping active.
  • Be ENGAGED and bring out the athlete that's in EVERY child.
  • Be EMPOWERED to discover their passions and strengths. 
  • Enjoy unforgettable FIELD TRIPS on days out of school. 
  • Make FRIENDS in a safe and well supervised environment.
  • Be ENTERTAINED  and create memories, they'll never forget.

Active Kids Do Better...
On the courts, in their classrooms and
in their communities! 

A few generations ago, play and physical activity were major parts of our daily lives. Running outside to jump rope, riding bikes to a pickup game of basketball, girls doing cheers, boys throwing the football, playing in sprinklers to cool off and then right back at it… Hopscotch, Red light Green light… those were the good ol’ days.


Today, in the name of tight schedules, restricted recess, unsafe playgrounds, video games and major addictions to tablets, phones and television; inactive youth is the “new norm”!


That just won’t do... make this school-year FUNdamental for your little All-star as Camp PLAY does all of this and more! Join the MOVEment and Claim your spot for camp P.L.A.Y. today.

Are you a Change Maker?
Want to help kids "keep their heads in the game"?
Get Involved...

Apply below to
volunteer or join Team PLAY

Word on the Street ...

  • My kids ran from the car each morning with huge smiles and returned each evening with stories galore, and even bigger smiles, only to fall asleep before we'd make it home from all the fun they'd had each day. My older daughter has also been able to volunteer as a Junior Coach which was an invaluable experience for her as well.
    - Tiffany Goggins
  • My boys summer experience has been amazing. I was able to work without worrying about their safety and I knew they were having fun and not "missing out" just because I was at work.  The opportunity to play the sports they love was great, but it was the safe environment, the super cool field trips and the supportive coaches that made Camp PLAY #1 on our list.
    - Raven Fowler
  • My daughter has made Coach Tiffany and other Camp PLAY Coaches household names.  She's always talking about the things they've done and comes home happy and full of stories about fun times and friends she's made. This was her first camp experience outside of family and I couldn't be happier.

    - Twanda Franklin

There's no "hood" like childhood!
P.L.A.Y. helps your little Allstar create childhood memories to last a lifetime.

  • Registration is Open Now 

    We Play with Purpose

    P.L.A.Y. empowers kids, supports families and builds community using the power of play and athletics. Our year-round programs inspire children to be better, on the court, in their classrooms, and in their communities.
    Most importantly, "we dig this gig", the families, schools and organizations we serve each day.  Our team builds healthy connections with each child using sports, coaching and play as a platform to ensure kids have fun while gaining the confidence, desire and ability to be physically active for life.
    We're up to something good! It's SEEN in our neighborhoods, HEARD on the playgrounds, pools and snow hills around the city, and FELT from the basketball courts and soccer fields to the establishments we visit... It's PLAY.
    We're certain that the postive impact of our hard work shows up today but also across miles, years and generations to come... showing up as great character, leadership, active lifestyles, tenacity, friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Join our MOVEment to bring back PLAY!
    PH: 414.219.9101
    F: 414.219.9116
  • September

     Ready to Get Our "Learn On"...

    Youth will use all of the experiences learned in summer... teamwork, problem solving and resilience, etc. to propel them to school year success. In our after school programs (Mon - Fri 2-7p) chldren can enjoy, homework help, games, sports, teamwork and fun. Parents will enjoy a safe environment, leadership and life skills development. 
  • October

    Books and Ball are a Better Bet...

    Research shows active kids do better and that physical activity not only keeps kids healthy and strong but can also lead to:
    • Higher test scores
    • Improved attendance
    • Better behavior in class
    • Lower rates of childhood obesity
    • A lifetime of healthy habits
    As the weather starts to cool down, we take some activities indoors but the PLAY MOVEment continues.
  • Days Out of School Rule!!!

    30+ days to get our "game on" when school is out... (check your childs' calendar.

    We host programming on MOST days out of school and use them to help kids renew and refuel.  Our days bring awesome adventures, filled with smiles, giggles, overcoming challenges and creating memories to last a lifetime.  Days out-of-school are $35/day or $150 for a full week and include various activities like: 
    • Basketball
    • Swim
    • Gymnastics
    • Ice and roller Skating
    • Cooperative Games
    • College Campus Tours
    • Urban Ecology Center
    • Professional Sporting Events
    • Arcade Take Overs
    • Museums, Apple Orchards and much, much more. 
  • November

    Bundle Up for Winter Fun... 

    We are thankful for play and especially the 3-5 day break many kids get off this month.  Our winter play ranges from sledding and snow-shoeing to indoor competitive games.  PLAY will host a "drop and shop" play day on Black Friday to accomodate parents. Details TBD
  • December

    Bring Back Summer... 

     We take at least one opportunity to change the forcast by visiting a water park in winter.  December also hosts our awesome winter camps which culminate in the Harlem Globetrotters game and a trip to Chicago's Magnificent Mile.  
  • Winter Break Camp 

    Trade you winter boots for flip flops, skates & sneakers...

    We've squeezed the excitement of summer camp into a few fun filled weeks of winter hoops, gymnastics, swim, games and exciting field trips. Give the gift of Camp! It means FUN! It means FRIENDS! It means the experience of INFINITE possibilities.
  • January

    New Year, Renewed Youth...

    Kids will set athletic and academic goals for the year and map plans to SMASH those goals. It's never too early to teach planning as a valuable life skill and what better way to do this than through PLAY.
  • February

    PLAY is Love...

    Nelson Madela once said there's nothing that unifies people more than sports.  It unites across age, race, and econonomies.  This month we take lessons from Black History Month, Valentines Day and Presidents Day to learn from those that have "love for their game". 
  • Spring Break Camp

    Spring into Action...

    Hop into fun with this mini-camp. We will host spring break camps to accomodate different school schedules all month long. 
  • March

    Our Little Piece of March RAD-ness... 

    Youth will be thrilled to splash into action this summer as PLAY accommodates parents as soon as their child's’ school year ends.  In June awesome adventures begin with sports of all sorts including basketball and gymnastics to soccer and tennis.  Our field trips that allow youth to explore our blocks, our neighborhoods, our city as we trek the north shore by bike, hike through Menomonee Valley and skate, ball, and swim throughout Milwaukee and Tosa. 
  • April

    Bringing Out the Inner-Athlete in EVERY Child... 

    There's an athlete in every chid.  Exposure to different sports helps kids discover their perosnal passions and interest.  Spring brings a new rotation of sports, voted on and chosen for the kids by the kids.  
  • Splash into Summer Fun

    Early Registration is Open. Save your Space

    Summer 2017 is guaranteed to be WAY MORE FUN. Save Your Space! t's getting hot out here (well pretty soon)!!  Summer Camp PLAY allows youth to UPGRADE their AWESOME as we: have daily swimming options, basketball scrimmages with former NBA star Devin Harris Leagues , become game changers on the soccer fields, plunge into specialty sports (dance, tennis, volleyball) and hang with Former Green Bay Packer gilbert Brown for a few days of football camp.  Our field trips allow us to expand our territory as we take over Six Flags Great America, trek to Chicago's Navy Pier, Summer Fest, and explore beaches from Lincoln Park back to our own McKinley Marina.
  • May

    Summer. summer, summer time... 

    Youth will be thrilled to splash into action this summer as PLAY is the ONLY local camp ready to accommodate parents as soon as their child's’ school year ends.  
    Our awesome adventures begin with sports of all sorts including everything from basketball and gymnastics to soccer and tennis.  Our field trips allow youth to explore our blocks, our neighborhoods, our city as we trek the north shore by bike, hike through Menomonee Valley and skate, ball, and swim throughout Milwaukee and Tosa.
  • June 

    Summertime PLAY is taking off, Don't Miss the Bus... 

    All schools are finally done for the year but we learn through PLAY all summer long.  Our Multi-Sport Camps are fun-filled with weekly excitement set to mimic some of the world’s biggest sporting events .  Our  field trips will include Six Flags, volleyball beach bbq's, State Fair visits, tailgating with the Brewer's, arcade takeovers and LIVE gaming at the Bulls Sox Academy. The music will be pumping only to be outdone by the amount of fun we'll have.

P.L.A.Y. Empowers Youth

ositive Learning through Athletics for Youth  (P.L.A.Y.) exists to help youth win… in athletics but more importantly in their homes, classrooms and in their communities. We’re on a mission to inspire generations of youth to lead happy, active and healthy lives using the powerful lessons learned through play and athletics as a pathway to lifelong success.


Camp PLAY sounds perfect for you right? Great! 
Register below, it just won't be the same without ya,
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